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For nearly two decades the Goldsource and Source Engine communities have been using Worldcraft and Hammer to create their game levels. While effective for many users, the pipelines around Hammer has been inefficient and limited. Now, with the maturation of Wall Worm Pro, the entire Source Engine pipeline can be contained completely inside 3ds Max--the industry-leading design application used across all major media industries. Read how Black Mesa has used 3ds Max and Wall Worm to bring the Xen chapters to life.

The Consolidated Pipeline

If using 3ds Max and Wall Worm, you can consolidate the asset creation pipeline in a way never before possible for the Source Engine. Here are just some of the things you can create for Source (bringing a Source workflow closer in line with modern Engine pipelines):

  • Models
  • Materials
  • Textures
  • Complete Game Levels

Getting Started

Don't have 3ds Max? Did you know about 3ds Max Indie? 3ds Max Indie is a reduced-price license of 3ds Max available to some regions around the world.

If you are completely new to 3ds Max, you should first familiarize yourself with 3ds Max before attempting to tackle a large project. You can start by using the Getting Started documentation from Autodesk or use the videos embedded below.

Hammered to the Max Videos

The videos below are informal introductions to 3ds Max with a slant towards highlighting concepts relevant to those coming to Max with a Hammer background. The discussions in these videos often reflect questions commonly posed by Hammer users.


Learn about using Max, Wall Worm, the Source Engine with these helpful links.

Essential Plugins & Tools

Below are essential plugins recommended for Source Engine work in 3ds Max. All are now free! To get all of them, simply install the latest version of Wall Worm Pro linked below.

Tools developed by Wall Worm

  1. Wall Worm Pro
  2. CorVex
  3. Brushify Modifier
  4. PropLine
  5. ShellVex
  6. Arch Primitive
  7. Normal Tools

3rd-Party Tools

  1. ReDeform (Hammer Scaling)

Docs & Tutorials

Below are helpful documentation on 3ds Max, Source and Wall Worm.

Wall Worm Documentation

  1. Wall Worm Docs Home
  2. Understanding Grid & Snaps
  3. Installing Wall Worm Pro
  4. Teamwork & Collaboration
  5. Wall Worm Videos

3ds Max Documentation

  1. 3ds Max Learning Center

Source Engine

  1. Valve Developer Community
  2. TopHATTwaffle | Level Design Tutorials

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